Hidden in those secret submissive hours. Who loves you?



Psychotelemetry. Now from upon the lingering advances of mankind and from folly. A brief glimpse into Matthew Ahern’s work.

—A precursor to Matthew’s new book.

We have been thinking in evolutionary terms using binary systems and algorithmic quotients to chart the evolutionary processes of human advancement. Yet we have failed to reconnoiter the static wavelength of our internalized processes that make up the heart beating in man. The free thinking persona often feels that he or she remains free in the processes that make up and engender their actions, beliefs and activities. Yet our belief that we are free is quickly diminished when we wake up and look upon the precious way tide that falls between the cracks in the silences of our upper observances. Freedom as such is a ruse—for in the litany of the governances of our actions we refuse to see the open trajectory that binds all of us together as one. This singular notion of identity fails to recognize the open vessel that connects all life forms kinetically whole as one. What may appear to be a superior sense of free self-expression is in fact nothing more than a binding and false representation of what we call the ego-phenomenon that remains lost as a signature disease among man. I have always said that self is vital, self is critical and that self-analysis forms the very basis for which to become whole. But for all of this our limited impulses, impressions and ideas fill the gaps between each waking thought and we, as so called free-expressionist thinkers lay in barren pools of this collective melting pot. For us to absorb a heightened edifice which will be our uprising is to secure that which can be truly called ‘free’. One must find these silently paused states that wake us from the dim collective night of the world’s inset repertoire of fear and cacophony as this displaces true consciousness for an aggravated co-consciousness (collectivity).

Is not humanity suffering for it’s unbridled ignorance in it’s collective nightmarish dream? For all that it can gather and for all that it can have replenished we are caught in a great web of deceit that plunges and plagues the heart into turmoil. Each one of us has to accept that this turmoil and it’s aggravated self-inflicted poise is part of our collective sphere of conditioning. What is wayward, which can be seen from above, shapes us. What is truth which can be seen from within, unfolds us. So this collective prison as it were pits us in an absolute condition of austerity and autonomy. Whereas when we are shaped from above we can then append what presents the far greater form of our internal matrix ability and acuity for divining the stark divide of consciousness amongst men. Selfish inaction, selfish action, these are the curses that imbibe and shape the splendour of the human form—that which instructs a man to fall prey to the falsified maelstrom of this collective study and we are all accounting for it from within this great field that lies amongst us.

Now this call for silence is not strictly meant to be presented in the view of some wishy washy sort of metaphysical analysis or term of what means ‘truth’. But yet it is a call to attempt to witness a more rarefied entry point that which remains untarnished and hidden amongst the open clouds as it were, that which only an inner or internalized and reflective gaze can yet secure. What once was an individualized homogeny of being relying wholly upon themselves as an antidote to world processes of collectivity quickly arises out of this to secure a deepened and more narrow overview of our collective paths that involves self-expression upon more clarified entry points. Self-expression can thus be a curse if it can not weed out the ego from the web of deceit that tricks a man to believe that he or she is formed fully in their opinions and or their key observances and idea states. Self expression without a clear insight and purview of the hidden landscape that makes up all the idle senses at once lays corrupt without a clear presentment  to the open cast trajectory of heightened intellect and insight. This heightened intellect understands and weighs all of the points that barter for ones attention. Love perhaps is the only key to fleshing out what is true and what is false. Love presents an open cast symmetry by which to form an opinion on the testament of all life in the fullness of this field. This may be the vehicle to begin freeing us from out of our singular sense of obsolescence in the sundry patterns of our lives.

Matthew Ahern

(Above) An excerpt from the upcoming book by Matthew Ahern, Psychotelemetry.