Self in the Mean Statement of Culture That Is Vying and Pooling for an Identifiable, Traceable, Stable and Literate Unitary Identity of Forms.

~ ‘Self in the mean statement of culture that is vying and pooling for an identifiable, traceable, stable and literate unitary identity of forms.’

So what does this mean to propose and to reflect, offset and to ultimately surmise, spawn, signify and otherwise palpably circle entirely? Let us see.

We have been thinking in evolutionary terms using binary and linguistically static systems; algorithmic quotients to chart the evolutionary paths and processes of human advancement. We have failed to engender with the heightened breadth and wavelength of our own internalized matrix of processes that make up the living heart beating in man. The free thinking persona often feels that he or she remains free or stable in the processes that make up and engender their actions, beliefs and activities. Yet the belief that we are free is quickly diminished when we wake up and look upon the precious waytide that falls between the cracks in the silences of our own upper observances.

Freedom as such is a ruse, for in the litany of the exterior governances of our actions we refuse to see an open trajectory that binds us all together and as but one. This singular (ego-stricken) faction and notion of our identity fails to recognize the open vessel that breathes, penetrates and connects all life forms kinetically and as one. What may appear to be a superior sense of free self-expression in frail individuality is in fact nothing more than a binding and false representative form of what we call the ego-phenomenon that remains lost as a signature disease as held out and amongst man.

I have always maintained that self is vital, self is critical and that self-analysis forms the very basis for how and which we are to become whole. But for all of this we singularly cede to our limited impulses, the false impressions and ideas fill with the gaps between each waking thought and we, as so called free-expressionist thinkers lay in such barren pools as to make up this pondering and collective melting pot. For us to absorb to a heightened edifice one must yet find furtively these higher and silently paused states that wake us out from the dim collective night of the world’s inset repertoire of fear, cacophony and dread.

Waking as such displaces one from desperation and fear, this aggravated co-consciousness of separative mass and hallucinogenic or bifurcated form-fixtures of collectivity. So it is that we are made here to deploy away the hubris and from the depraved state that is holding one back from a true and vital expressionistic state of the real and singular offspring engineering of co-consciousness as an ideal that does not fail to examine the inward reservoir but for all in all.

Is not humanity suffering for it’s unbridled ignorance in it’s collective nightmarish dream? For all that it can gather and for all that it can have replenished we are caught in a great tide and web of despicable deceit that which plunges and plagues the very heart into a robust sense of unwitting turmoil. Yet each one of us must accept that this turmoil and it’s as such aggravated and self-inflicted presentment is part of our collective sphere of chaotic offspring conditioning, it’s palpable array of psyche. What is wayward however, which can be seen as from above, shapes us and therein configures us to expand well beyond such forms as human frailty and intolerance. What then becomes of truth is that which can be seen and spawned as from within and from unanswered veils and folds of pale whisperings from the unknown to therein beckon on to the known. So this collective prison (our shifting archetypes) as it were pits us in an absolute and violable condition of austerity and autonomy. Whereas when we are shaped from above we can therein append and shape what presents us rationally to and from a far greater form of our internalized matrixes and the less hubris and cantankerous features of acuity for divining of the stark divide of consciousness as held amongst men.

Selfish inaction, selfish action, these are but the curses that accrue and imbibe and therein appease and shape for the splendour of the vivid human form. So thus that which instructs or informs a man or woman to fall prey to this vividly bifurcated and falsified maelstrom of a collective backdrop and study is thus equally made to beckon us forward to the ever new again (renewal of form and shape). You see this is our focal marker, to capably imbrue and shine on to yet the surreal unknown and thus impel us onward as to hunt unguarded for the ever unilateral causes that will beckon and thus shunt us on ahead (forward again). All that has been wrought here singularly by and through the imagination and thus of the stranglehold drama of the senses, such as violence and or any other systemic sense and function of the term evil (which is suppositional at best) has been built, rounded and thus ably erected and projected here as to potently interfere and thus equally push us on to as such inter-reach again to yet an implausible unknown of the undisclosed variances and senses of this property of self that which at present we remain collectively ignorant of and aloof toward due to our vocational and irrational obstacles of notable clauses and variances of such inebriated host studies.

So as to wake beyond that of the stricken catalytic temperaments that are externally beset upon us and that as such wreak of chaos, one must suggestively pre-enable the systemic heart. One must therein become openly addressed, anointed as it were, unto a metaphysical backdrop or allegory of analysis (not as blind little mice) but one must yet seek to palpably conjoin and anoint all of the lingering and hubris forms from that of the analytical will-placement and temperament to that of an internal vestige of allegory and that which is safely situated latently and to the heightened and neurological pauses of integrated man; not systemically deluded by ancestry and or any divisive form of a fused matrix of our humanity.

What once was an individualized study and hosting of homogeny, of ‘being’ relying wholly and hosted steadily upon oneself as a collective vehicle, guise or artifice of this property of self thus now fluidly becomes eagerly equipped, anointed and thus poised to innately deploy unto a softer and more intelligible singular gazing mechanism and structure to that of a heightened neo-property that which has its outsourcing made from an internalized matrice or lattice system as an acceptable, intelligent antidote for the world systemic processes of materialistic and aggravated hyper-collectivity. Thus the desire to rinse away that of the bifurcated quickly arises from out this need to adapt and secure that of a deepened and less hegemonic state or response mechanism to that of a deepened and more narrow overview of our patent collective management system and thus its less fumbling orchestrational cosigns and subset signature of human awareness. Of these supramental developmental paths this is thus that which invokes and therein involves this enriched mode of self-expression ‘in being’ as origin study and as such its natal footings to become and yet adapt to that which is quickly less spuriously made and more profitable from an internalized perspective and thus therein that of the state-strata as made from upon these even more clarified, rooted and systemically deepened entry points for all cause and causation processes.

Self-expression can thus be a curse if it can not weed out the ego from the web of deceit that tricks a man to believe that he or she is formed fully in their opinions and or in their keen observances and idea states as assembled within. But as yet self-expression here remains a trick of the hubris circuit of man without a clear and insightful purview of the hidden lattice landscape that makes up all of these idle and systemic gestures to the crafted senses which at once lay as such corrupt without a clear presentment of in-vision to field for the open host trajectory of a heightened and self-imbrued drinking mechanism of intellect and thus insightful prospect. Once ably erected you know this without even thinking about it. This heightened intellect similarly understands and weighs in for all of the distended talking points that barter for ones attention. Love perhaps is the only key focal log and measurable mandate to fleshing out that which is true from what is made as the false. Love here clearly presents from an open cast memory projection system to a portal state of non-birfucated symmetries by which we seek to form of an opinion on the testament of all life in the fullness features of this veiled and vivified field that which is our human and unfolding panorama of witness exploration. This may be the vehicle to begin freeing us from out of our singular sense of obsolescence (love) in the sundry gateway and patterns of our lives.

I welcome any such thoughts that you might have on this particular unitary study and singular projection of voluntary and self-identifiable matrices as held of and within man. We were not made to exhibit that which is lost in and unto that of the barren but to inhabit that of a hidden and less stricken path sense to that which equates of the less hubris and identifying traces as built in and up from upon an exemplified and internalized web of world. Humans have the extraordinary talent and capability to expand and reach unto that of our inter-operating schematics and thus move on from that of our ever penetrating systemic study of enfeebling, interfering and desperate theorems and logics and as such voluntarily proceed unto that of our inter-lingering suggestives for divining our hidden and latent purpose that not is lost hitherto within the deepest spectacle of the unknown. To this we must surmise and to this we must overtly and cleverly challenge that of our separative identity to live on ever engaged internally again as and for all.

Matthew Ahern


The disarming vortex of trust.

Trust is a reservoir of courageous archetypes of hope. Trust is never diminishing in the cowardice of reproach. Trust is never wrinkled or diminished by the false pageantry of deafening verbosity. We lay here sacred and scarred ever hoping for the deepening momentum to see us foundling upon our own self-beliefs. Thus this truce beneath the sacred heart is our opening spectre held ever inward and in densest form – a fixed crucible never more to suppress the innate treasures as yet to be foretold.

Matthew Ahern

The significant words that you may want to decipher…

‘In Renaissance Naturalism, mind and matter, spirit and body were not considered as separate entities; the ultimate reality in every body was its active principle, which partook at least to some extent of the characteristics of mind and spirit. The Aristotelian principle of ‘form’ had played an analogous role in a more subtle philosophy of nature. The effect of Cartesian dualism, in contrast, was to excise every trace of the psychic from material nature with surgical precision, leaving it a lifeless field knowing only the brute blows of inert chunks of matter.’

Richard S. Westfall (April 22, 1924—August 21, 1996) was an American academic, biographer and historian of science. He is best known for his biography of Isaac Newton and his work on the scientific revolution of the 17th century.